« Laziness : the biggest challenge for organizations in Europe - How to stay hungry? »

At the heart of agitated European debates on organizational difficulties, our  discussion started with a question :
How can we grow in a “developed”  environment ?

The European Change Forum offers to adress the problem of organizational laziness by exploring different action levers :

  • Change management
  • Innovation
  • Lean management

Speakers on stage (from left to right)

  •  Rémi Denoix, (France/Germany)
  •  Prof. Carolina Serrano-Archimi (Spain/Switzerland)
  •  Dr. Georg Kraus (Germany)
  •  Prof. Nancy Hubbard (USA)
  •  Raphaël Zaccardi (France/Ital)

« Managing innovation : Secrets from the world’s most successful multinationals »

Nancy Hubbard warns that today’s multinationals are not building their strategies in Europe but in emerging countries, where there is growth and development, to the disadvantage of Europe which risks to become an industrial museum.
« Companies from emerging countries will dominate in less than 15 years. »

Prof. Nancy A. Hubbard (Left)
Chair in management and accounting,
Goucher College (USA)

« Incremental pushiness — Lean management as a method to overcome stagnation »

Raphaël Zaccardi confirms the risk for companies in Europe. He puts forward “lean management” as a lever, to make them progress in productivity and reactivity, which is their only advantage to keep production sites in developed countries.
« It is imperative to form, to make people share a same vision of their future company and eliminate the superfluous. »

Raphaël Zaccardi (right),
Director of technical services,
Caterpillar France

« Deep paths in the human brain — How flexible are we ?»

For Dr. Georg Kraus, the source of resistance is the brain. It puts in perspective the role of the high-powered “animal brain” (the Cerebellum) which is an obstacle to adapt. He advocates the use of “Kata Coaching” in companies, a form of permanent repetition which produces a reflex of continuous improvement. « The human reason of existence is to learn and develop. I had to go through 400 landings to get my license as a plane pilot. »

Dr. Georg Kraus,
Founder of international consultancy
Dr. Kraus & Partner

« The mindset of innovation in change management: a major way to combat organizational laziness »

Carolina Serrano-Archimi exposed her research results on companies which successfully changed and adapted. It is mainly a behavior and a state of mind displayed by managers to create innovation:
«Encourage questions, create time to observe, sponsor networking activities and run experiments. »

Prof. Carolina Serrano-Archimi,
Director of the MBA Change & Innovation
IAE Aix, Graduate School of Management

The participants all join on the assessment that companies from emerging companies work sparingly, with littles resources, what we do not know how to do anymore in Europe.

“We have to get rid of this laziness and re-learn to work this way!”

Rémi Denoix
Managing Director of K&P France Conseil
Facilitator of the European Change Forum

Our mission continues

The mission of this European Change Forum is to produce an annual  event adressing the theme of best managerial practices facing change situations. Active platform for  knowledge sharing between experts in managing change, managers, entrepreneurs, politicians and so many more, we vision to contribute to better adressing modern organizational changes.
See you next year !

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