08.30 Welcome and Morning Coffee
Opening of the European Change Forum 2015
Keynote speech Uwe Lübbermann
Keynote speech Albrecht Günther
Keynote speech Martina Eberl
Topic collection for Open Space sessions


Lunch Break 
Parallel Open Space workshop sessions in three rounds:
1.) How to analyse how much and which agile interventions make sense for your organisation?
2.) How to manage virtual teams? 
3.) To trust or not to trust. Does distrust prevent agility?
4.) A transition into a WE-Team, into a WE-Organization.
5.) ...
6.) ...
7.) ...
The complete selection of workshop topics will be collected and defined together after the keynote speeches, see above.

17.00 Homewards with coffee to go

What is Open Space?
Open Space is a tool that enables groups of any size to address complex, important issues and achieve meaningful results quickly. In Open Space meetings and events, participants create and manage their own agenda of parallel working sessions (or mini-workshops) on the topic of 'how to be agile'. Every session is scheduled to last for one hour. Everybody can facilitate an Open Space session – if you have a specific question, a topic or a good idea that you would like to share with others.

Do you already have a good idea for an open space session?
Or you want to know what sessions are offered at this time?
Then go directly to Here you can see all the Open Space sessions submitted to date by the participants of the ECF visible at a glance. You can add further information about a session, rate it or give a comment. Actively shape the agenda of the European Change Forum now!